tabs2 Update

As many of you will have read previously, we launched a beta version of tabs2 back in December 2017 with Coast and Country Cottages and have been working with them since to revise and strengthen the system.

As per the timeline we discussed at the 2016 tabs conference, we then launched the full version of tabs2 to The Original Cottage Company at the end of April 2017 and have been working hard since then to strengthen and enhance the system – ready for introduction to all existing tabs customers.

It’s fair to say that this has been a particularly intense period for the tabs team, as we try and bed-in the wide range of tabs2 functionality that the Original Cottages’ local brands use. As many of you will understand, moving booking systems is not a simple or easy task – no matter how much planning and preparation is done in advance.

We are currently working with five ‘tabs2 early adopter’ customers – to move them across to tabs2. Our aim is to have some customers live on tabs2 for the November tabs conference – so you can hear about the roll-out directly from customers - but we are also looking to make sure we don’t rush the roll-out and compromise these businesses or our support capabilities.

Details for the November tabs conference can be found in the News section – and we will be looking to provide you with much more detail on tabs2 at this event so don’t forget to book your place.