tabs2 latest news

Whilst the development of tabs2 continues we appreciate that much of this is behind the scenes, but feel it’s important to keep you updated on our progress.

We have been working on some of the more complex developments such as property pricing, change day variations, short break restrictions, special offers and booking extras to name a few. The key to all of these and tabs2 in general is greater flexibility and user control. Great focus has gone into simplifying functions, reducing year on year data input and enabling agencies to ‘self-manage’ and not require tabs Software to make system changes for them.

One example of changes in the pricing module that will make things quicker and more flexible is that price band letters will be replaced, enabling users to price in date periods rather than each week of the year requiring a band letter. These periods can be for the whole brand and/or properties can have individual price breaks, they can also be for ‘life’ if required, with the ability to set the variable weeks (Easter and summer holidays etc.) to be year specific. The principle of ‘for life’ and date periods will also be used for change day variations and short break restrictions, all allowing variations and exceptions by property or by date, reducing year on year configuration.

Pricing will also be calculated more ‘logically’. This is based on feedback received and the idea behind the development is that tabs2 will price each day of a holiday according to the price period it falls into, not as it does now, using the price band for where the majority of the holiday falls.

Recently we reached out to a wide selection of tabs customers to complete a survey - to get preferences and feedback for a proposed layout (not style/colour) of the tabs2 customer screen. While we can’t reach out to all customers every time, we do value all opinions, so will aim for the selection group to differ next consultation. The choice was between accordion style and tabular sections within the customer screen. There was an overwhelming majority preference for the tabular option so we have confirmed this option with the development team. The majority felt this option was better for desktop use as it’s ‘above the fold’ and most like what people are used to.

While it’s not the finished product and has styling still to be added, the layout concept is agreed and will resonate through the other tabs2 screens.

The screens will be fully responsive, so while it will be tabular when viewed on a large enough screen and users will click on the required tab, when viewed on a mobile device the display will automatically present in the accordion style that is suited to screen scrolling on mobile devices, giving users the best of both worlds!

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3


We will keep you updated!