tabs2 Latest News

Since we last spoke to you at the April 2016 tabs conference, a lot more work has gone into tabs2 and we are pleased to say that things are progressing well. At the conference we announced the following timeline for release:

  • Beta tabs2 product – September 1 2016
  • First tabs customer moved to tabs2 – December 2016
  • The Original Cottage Company on tabs2 – April 2017
  • Roll-out to all remaining tabs customers – 2017

We are on track to hit our first milestone and are pleased to announce that the tabs customer who will be first on-board is Coast and Country Cottages in Devon. Coast and Country will be working closely with us as we test the beta product between September and December, before going live with tabs2.

As we go through the Beta process we’ll be sharing more screen shots with you and telling you how things are going to work. From all the consultations we’ve had with tabs customers, we’re working hard to make sure you don’t lose any of the functionality your business depends on and where we can we are looking to improve functionality and add new features.

To give you a flavour of how we are imagining the roll-out will go – each of you will get a copy of tabs2 in advance of your agreed transfer date for familiarisation. We are then looking at a likely two week period of dual entry (hopefully long enough for full familiarisation/data checking - without being too onerous for you), before the switch over.

tabs2 presents the opportunity for a number of other business improvements, such as:

  • Server resilience and back up – leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services
  • Removal of the requirement for AFD (post code look up software) that has an annual license cost per user
  • An opportunity to bypass all complex elements of PCI compliance (see our article on DataDivider) and become compliant on one of the simplest to complete questionnaires.
  • Access to tabs2 from multiple devices, browsers and operating systems
  • A more intuitive, user friendly interface
  • Instant update of websites (no web syncs required)
  • Access to many more API end points – allowing you to build more web functionality yourselves.

As we progress the project, we are also finding that some of the technology is suitable for current tabs. For instance, we are exploring the opportunity of implementing the new cost free post code lookup and PCI compliant DataDivider technologies on current tabs – providing you with a cost neutral enhancement with the AFD saving paying for the PCI solution cost. We will keep you updated on the progress with this work.

Further information as regards progress and rollout plan will be out in the autumn newsletter – watch this space!