tabs2 Feedback

For those of you who were at the tabs conference in April or read last month’s article about the conference, you will be well briefed about the development of tabs2. We received lots of really good feedback at the conference and we have been working our way through all of this to try and get it all into some sort of order of priority and also working out how best we communicate with you all as we work towards the new system roll out. Each month we will be doing an update on progress to keep you posted.

Sorting through all of the feedback we are starting to identify some common trends. And one of the first things we will deal with, which was a hot topic at the conference, are overviews. Overviews are a very powerful way of analysing your tabs data in different ways and although we have created a flexible system, in hindsight and listening to your feedback we have realised that we created something that is very hard to manage and there are significant improvements we can make when we are designing the new version of tabs.

This is an area where we can start to simplify what we already have in readiness for the new system deployment and therefore we will be doing a number of things over the coming months:

  1. We will be sending you a list of overviews that you have not used for 13 months or more and asking your permission to delete these, which will give us the opportunity to greatly reduce the number that we need to convert over.
  2. We will also be asking you to put into plain English what each of your remaining overviews does so that we can use these descriptors in the new tabs system to help present overviews in a “menu” style to other users.
  3. We will also be seeking to rationalise the number of overviews down into common ones that are used by everyone.
  4. We will be seeking to reduce the number of new overviews being created and adding descriptions / looking to see if others are already available that you can use instead.

We will be in touch with you all individually shortly as above and thank you in advance for your help and co-operation.