tabs2 2015 conference feedback – what has happened to all your comments?

We had some fantastic feedback about the new tabs2 project from the conference in April. We thought you might like to know how we are dealing with all of the feedback we received.

The first thing we did was gather all the feedback together. This included the areas discussed at tables following the demonstration of the new tabs2 system, question and answer topics from the panel discussion and responses received from Comment cards. We collated all this information into a spreadsheet – 241 items of feedback!

We then looked at every comment and decided whether it was included in our current plans for tabs2, whether we should add the suggestion into the initial roll out of tabs2 or whether it should be put on the list for future development.

You have already heard what we are proposing to do about Overviews from last month’s update.

65% of the feedback related to issues that are already being dealt with in the tabs2 project. The conference demonstration only included a limited number of features of the new system.The final tabs2 system will include all of the key functionality you enjoy in the current system.

A number of people provided ideas or raised issues which we have incorporated into the tabs2 project. These included things like how to deal with Overviews (see last month’s newsletter) and some practical ideas like enabling email every time an email address is shown and adding space for floor plans in the property section. We will also be discussing further plans for the housekeeping and maintenance section in the future.

There were also some very good ideas for the development of tabs2 that we have added to the “future development” list. These are ideas that we would like to implement but that involve a lot of development and would delay the launch of the new system if we do them now.

We want to thank everyone who took the time to feedback comments at the conference for their very useful contribution to the development of the new system and we will keep you updated with its progress.