Postcode progress

With the development of tabs2, we needed a more dynamic postcode software that was compatible with the new tabs booking system. We currently use AFD, but is a Windows client and is charged on a per-user basis.

We have sourced a new and better product, GetAddress, and the aim was to release that along with tabs2. However, with AFD renewal dates differing between tabs clients we did not want customers to purchase AFD licences for a whole year only for them to be no longer required following a transition to tabs2. That would just be an unnecessary cost to you.

Fortunately the current tabs is also compatible with GetAddress and our plan is to switch all customers across to it on 14 December. You will not have to do anything, and you will still be able to auto populate addresses in tabs as before. GetAddress has been fully tested and is already being used by Original Cottages. The display box looks only very slightly different (very few people have even noticed) and offers more flexibility such as being able to select from a list of addresses with that postcode. And the best bit is that there will be no charge to you at all, whilst the current GetAddress pricing structure remains.