industry insights: online owner contracts

With many cottage agencies going through the process of re-signing owners for next year at the moment, we are starting to see more and more people using online contract programs to manage this rather than traditional postal methods.

Online contracts are not a new thing and are becoming more common in all areas of business. The good news is that as a result, there are many more options and packages available and the pricing is also becoming a lot more competitive. The benefits of using an online system are not only in time saved, but you can also:

  • File everything electronically meaning that it is saved in tabs, which saves space around the office, is easier and quicker to access but also helps with business recovery and disaster planning.
  • Quickly and easily distribute copies of contracts to owners once they have signed up.
  • Send reminders automatically to chase up the stragglers.
  • Send postal versions for those who have not got email access / do not want to sign up online.
  • Easily confirm and collect additional details such as fire risk assessments, insurance details, etc.

Recent feedback has shown an increased percentage of owners signing up more quickly as a result of this system and also how it appeals to those who are more internet savvy. There are many packages available and as the tabs API is developed further for tabs2, we will be making it easier to integrate directly into these systems allowing everything to be automated in future.