Industry insights: Securing bookings

As many of you will be aware, all businesses that take card payments are required - by their merchant bank - to comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. The standards are designed to minimise the chances of customer card data being accessed by criminals - whether it being through the compromising of IT systems or the office environment. The standards vary depending on how you take your payments, the size of the business and what existing protections you have in place. Businesses are required to complete a (sometimes onerous) self-assessment form as well as agree to regular scanning of their systems.

Here at tabs software we believe that security is extremely important, but we also acknowledge that the dealing with PCI compliance can also be an overwhelming experience with the abundance of grey areas, technical requirements and stringent security measures. For this reason, tabs Software have teamed up with Dionach (an Oxford based IT security company) to provide potential help to those customers who require it. Dionach have recommended that tabs clients start by providing an entry level service - helping businesses complete the Government’s Cyber Essential scheme. The scheme is designed to provide businesses with both an introduction to IT security and help businesses protect themselves against common cyber-attacks. We believe that the world of PCI will make far more sense with this scheme completed. Dionach have agreed to provide their services at a specially reduced rate - a £500 flat fee. For this fee, as well as taking you through the online scheme, Dionach will also provide a full assessment and report detailing how secure you are. For those who want peace of mind that they are doing the essentials - as regards protecting their customers - then we would recommend this scheme. For further details please contact Rob Embers, quoting tabs Software.