Industry insights: How flexible are your breaks?

With tourism seasonality at the centre of much discussion in the UK, what do you do to attract business in the shoulder season? Are your short breaks flexible enough for what the customer demands these days?

More and more customers expect full flexibility for short or mid-week breaks – if they want to come Wednesday to Sunday then why shouldn’t they? And if you won’t do it, then they’ll find someone else who will!

With the growth of direct booking sites for owners like Holiday Lettings, AirBNB and Owners Direct we are seeing the market shift yet again. There is no doubt when you look at the enquiries coming from these sites that people expect more flexibility and don’t wish to conform to the “standard weekly rules” we have had previously. Are you flexible enough now to meet this demand?

Admittedly there are a number of things that we need to overcome as cottage agencies – not least the property cleaning and owner expectations, but can we afford not to keep up?

If you already use tabs you have lots of powerful tools in the property pricing section to update short break prices or rules. Remember to check out our Help Guide here or here if you are not sure about how to adjust these. Once they are set, then providing that your website is setup correctly, this should then allow customers to book according to those that you set for each property online.

Combine this with targeted email marketing, and you're on your way…