Channel Manager Update

As you know from our discussions at our conference back in April, we are actively pursuing a relationship with a channel manager to help you, our tabs customers, to distribute properties amongst marketing channels (e.g. AirBnB, TripAdvisor,, HomeAway etc.). We have selected Rentals United and many of you met Ralph and Romy back in April. We wanted to give you an update on progress.

As previously stated, we are going to make sure the integration works before recommending and rolling out to you. I am pleased to say we are 95% of the way with the API integration but as always the devil is in the detail! As industry experts you can appreciate how many variables there are to negotiate; whether it is security deposits, variable pet charges, short breaks or booking fees. Our challenge is to ensure tabs passes all this information to Rentals United in a format that is flexible enough and detailed enough to then distribute to multiple channels across Europe.

We are about to go live with some of our own brands on a few selected channels (HomeAway to begin with) and once we have thoroughly tested then we will be back in touch to give you an update and explain how you can start to take advantage of the distribution channel. As ever we want to make sure something works and is not going to cause headaches before putting our backing to a third party.