Being smart about phones

Despite the prevalence of website visitors, phone systems are still an integral part of most cottage agencies set up, with customers often wanting to talk through a potential holiday. Phone systems have traditionally been office based, a piece of hardware sitting on a phone line coming into the office. However, in recent years Voice over IP (VOIP) has become more prevalent as an alternative technology. VOIP doesn’t utilise traditional phone lines, instead running calls over broadband lines with the ‘system’ hosted in the cloud. tabs-Software has been using VOIP for a number of years now and have found it very beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • Cheaper call rates and fewer lines - so lower line rental
  • No on-site phone system hardware failure risks
  • Excellent flexibility with regard to immediately diverting numbers
  • Ability for whole hunt group departments or individuals to work off-site with full phone access ● Easy co-ordination of complex routing of calls to different people
  • BT will be closing down all ISDN routes (i.e. normal phone lines) in 2025 - so this technology is not going to invested in in the coming years

Here at tabs, we have partnered up with two VOIP partners YourUCP and SmartlineUC and both products are fully integrated into tabs (i.e. ‘popping’ customer records on the screen and being able to dial out from tabs). The two products sit on the two leading international VOIP platforms respectively (Broadsoft and Centile) and are extremely powerful and highly functional. To learn more about either product, please contact the following companies below:

YourUCP - Comms Supply: 0333 2020900

SmartlineUC - Swains: 01485 524010