Holiday Home Association Code of Practice

The Holiday Home Association is planning to launch a new industry Code of Practice, to be called the Holiday Home Industry Code of Practice. The code is a much more detailed resume of standards to be expected from holiday home owners and agents than has previously existed. It covers a range of safety standards, meeting or exceeding the legal minimum, and also deals with marketing, data protection, accessibility and more.

The HHA aims to establish this standard as a marque of responsible management that will give confidence to consumers, in comparison to the offerings of online-only agencies that do not require any specific standards to be achieved or verified. In a world now dominated by the Internet the HHA wants to assert the difference between the purely online and owners and agents who have boots on the ground, know their properties personally, and offer personal service. We at tabs think this is a good thing and will highlight the difference between our models and the likes of AirBnB.

To find out more contact Martin Sach at HHA – Visit online »